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Unwind In Style With a Modern Terrace Garden

With a roof terrace garden, your private outdoor escape is just a step away. Talk about unwinding after a long day, watching beautiful sunsets, and celebrating under the stars. This is exactly what a modern terrace garden design can bring to life. A thoughtfully crafted space that embodies your personality, focuses on your lifestyle and goes beyond your imagination. 

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Roof, Relax, Repeat With LifeWall’s  Terrace Garden Designs!

Leave it to us to breathe life into your dream terrace roof design. We realize the importance of balancing creativity and functionality.  From pergolas and gazebos to murals, sculptures, plantations, bar, barbeque, and terrace wall designs, we are well-versed in the nitty gritty of all kinds of terrace landscape designs

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Your Perfect Outdoor Escape Down To The Last Detail!

Escape to your own private paradise with a stunning terrace garden. Let nature envelop you as you relax and recharge in your own personal oasis.


Mr. Avni Sood | Terrace Garden

Location: Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
Project Cost: Rs. 22,18,735.4
Size: 2060 sq/ft
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Mr. Ramesh Bhalla | Terrace Garden

Location: Vikaspuri, New Delhi
Project Cost: Rs. 1,402,787.20
Size: 600 sq/ft

Mr. Maan Sharma | Terrace Garden

Location: Shahdara, New Delhi
Project Cost: Rs. 7,70,000
Size: 1436 sq/ft

Mrs. Baishali Ghosh | Terrace Garden

Location: Saket, New Delhi
Project Cost: Rs. 15,21,590.7
Size: 2074 sq/ft
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Mr. Nilesh | Terrace Garden

Location: Sec-78, Noida Uttar Pradesh
Project Cost: Rs. 24,75,465.3
Size: 600 sq/ft
rahul jain

Mr. Rahul Jain | Terrace Garden

Location: Golf Course Road Gurugram, Haryana
Project Cost: Rs. 10,59,855.3
Size: 1500 sq/ft

Transforming Spaces, Enhancing Lives: Experience the Difference With Us!

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Escape To A Tranquil Retreat On Your Own Terrace Garden

A private paradise where time seems to stop and memories double.

Water Feature

The calming sound of flowing water against the setting sun for a relaxing, tranquil ambiance that makes your terrace a peaceful haven in the midst of a bustling city.

Bar Counter With Pergola

The perfect balance of form and function to your terrace garden for a cozy, inviting atmosphere for good times with friends and family or spending a relaxing evening alone.

Privacy Screen

A versatile, functional addition for keeping all things shielded from neighbors or passers-by, providing you with a sense of peace and tranquility as you enjoy your outdoor space comfortably.

Adding Life To Terrace Gardens With One Transformation At A Time

Here’s how we do it.

Transforming Your Outdoor Space With Attention to Detail!

Wondering what elements your space could have? Have a look!

Plantation & Grass
Water Features
Wooden Deck
Vertical Gardens
Pergola & Gazebo
Solar Plants
Porta Cabins
Murals & Sculptures
Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Lights
Bar & Barbeque
Wall Cladding

The Force Behind Your Transformation.

Dreams don't build themselves; it takes a certain breed of people - and we've rounded up the top picks for you!


The Design Lead

The creative direction expert.

The Design Lead overlooks the implementation of all outdoor design projects and turns your personality and needs into an outdoor masterpiece!


The Transformation Lead

The customer experience expert.

The transformation lead overlooks client expectations, project timelines and budgets, and serves as your primary point of contact.

A Sneak Peek Into Our Magical Transformations

Here’s how we designed some of the best outdoor spaces for our clients. We can do it for you too! All you need to do is tell us!

Creating Happiness, One Outdoor Space At A Time!

Hear It from Our Clients Themselves

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Explore finished terrace from some of our customers and see while getting ideas for your own.

Mrs. Pallavi Bhatnagar | Terrace Garden
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Explore finished terrace from some of our customers and see while getting ideas for your own.

Mr. Avni Sood| Terrace Garden
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Explore finished terrace from some of our customers and see while getting ideas for your own.

Mr. Maan Sharma | Terrace Garden

Make Everyday a Vacation With Your Custom-Designed Dream Outdoor Space

Peek at our finished outdoor designs and find inspiration for your dream creation!

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