How to Design an Outdoor Space?


How to Design an Outdoor Space?

Living in a stereotypical world, where building facades and interiors have evolved in a tremendous way, we as designers have always been keen about discovering and mastering unattended outdoor spaces. Either a small wall or a balcony or an enormous terrace, we always try to bring out the best possible outcome. This kicks our zeal as well as satisfies our cravings to make the outdoors a better liveable space.

Planning an outdoor space has always been a challenging task. It includes various nature-driven hurdles such as Wind pressure, Rain, Dust, Noise, and sometimes Animals.
As a designer, we have to consider every aspect and select themes and specifications taking every constraint into consideration. They say “A design should speak for itself”. But they forgot to mention that it also get established in the mindset of the client. After seeing the design the client be able to visualize his space himself.
A designer should always keep in mind while designing the perspective of a client along with his needs and budget.

A designer should be able to visualize a site like an empty canvas. And should sense the responsibility to fill it with a harmonical balanced and yet creative design scheme. He/she should be able to provide the client, a space that gives a client a feeling of serenity and calmness. A space that is their own. A space that will give them a feeling that they are in the lap of nature. Some beautiful elements like a waterfall or a fountain, some aesthetic green elements like a vertical garden or the grass turf or some designer plantations in addition to some aesthetic elements like lighting play, A bar counter(if necessary) a sitting within a lap of nature or an aesthetic sitting with pergola coverings. Every small element amalgamates towards a beautiful design that provides the client the pleasure of utilizing his own unused space into a space that he never wants to leave. A place that he can flaunt to his friends and family. A place that gives him a leisurely pace of life change. That’s how we as LifeWall Team do it.

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