Elegant plants for a vertical garden or living walls


Elegant plants for a vertical garden or living walls

Vertical garden comes into picture when there is no space for gardening or very less space for gardens. But now a days it is also concentrating point of a visible garden. Vertical gardens also called as a living walls. When we are talking about vertical gardens or living walls it is very important to know about the plants which we can use in living wall designing. For that it’s very important to know the status of the environment, plant species and the watering process for that plants.

Here in this article I am explaining about the plants that we can use in vertical gardens

Philodendron: It is a quite popular decorative house plant. These plants are native to tropical America so these plants grows very well in all kinds of tropical areas. In low sunlight these leaves are bright and healthy. These plants normally prefers moist with perfectly well drained soil.

Croton plants for vertical gardens: Most of the croton plants are suitable for vertical gardens, it is a great tree whose leaves are colored. Most of the crotons are house plants or grow in the green house. These plants are popular for tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is a very good indoor and outdoor plant with easy maintenance. It is one of the best plant for vertical garden.

Dracaena sense plant for living wall: It is very beautiful looking plant, perfect for any kind of living walls it’s yellow, green colors creates bright contrast effects against any wall structure. These plants are compatible for both high and low lights.

Wax flower: It is a good choice for a small space gardening, it is a perfect vertical garden plant as it grows easily in the direction of the wall. Now a days this plant is growing in Asian countries also. Hoya or wax flowers are shaped like balls and bloom in flakes.

Succulent: It is a very lovely plant that always survives. So it is used in indoor vertical gardens as well outdoor vertical gardens. Succulent is colder tolerant also. It is a easy growing plant in any weather conditions.

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