Plants can feel the heat too! #HappySummerGardening

summer fruit cages

We eat summer fresh foods and take cooling hacks to keep us safe in summer season. Gardens also feels the burnt of the harsh sunlight and rising temperatures. The home gardening variety plants dry up due to excessive heat, too much heat is a source of stress for home garden plants.

Here are some tips to keep your gardens fresh and healthy.

  1. Use seasonal plants in your veggies garden: Some plants grows in summer season, exclusively to keep healthy garden use these kind of varieties in summer. With proper hydration and manure, chillies, cucumbers, watermelons and brinjals can sustain in hot summer.
  2. A shade in time: Use shade cloth for your garden in summer, these clothes are available in the market and on online stores like amazon and flipcart. Choose the thickness according to your plants category.
  3. Watering to a plants: Water the plants at the right hour best to water the plants in summer is early in the morning and evening. Meanwhile shower your plants in small doses as per requirement.
  4. Planting strategy: Bigger plants can help to provide shade for smaller and delicate greens, basing on this create a proper buddy system to your garden
summer gardening
summer gardening