5 ideas to enhance your outdoors this summer


5 ideas to enhance your outdoors this summer

Summer is the hardest season, both for gardeners and plants. The ideal time to get your lawn and terrace garden ready for the warmer months ahead is in spring. With some upkeep, organization, and space planning, your outdoor space can easily be transformed into a summertime haven. Read on to find out 5 easy ideas that can be implemented right away!

Take Care of Your Lawn

The scorching sun may burn the lush garden lawn. While regular mowing is required to maintain a tidy lawn, allowing the grass to grow taller shades the soil and conserves water. Keep the grass at least 2-3 inches high. Keep your greens in check for insects and pests and apply pest control solutions as soon as possible. Adding fertilizers at the beginning of the season improves the plant’s lushness and makes it heat and drought resistant.

Furniture Requires Special Attention

Patio furniture can get dirty, worn out, and less appealing in harsh weather, so regular cleaning is essential. Consider adding a UV-rated umbrella to your landscape furniture to beat the heat. Another excellent way to safeguard your furniture is by using covers and placing them in shaded areas. Each furniture material needs a unique cleaning procedure. Protect your metal furniture against rust by applying an anti-rust coat. Your plastic and resin furniture can be cleaned with a sponge and water and wooden surfaces can be power washed easily. Here’s a reminder to save money by repainting and refurbishing your current furniture before investing in new ones!

Keep the Water Features Clean

Adding a water element to your terrace garden or front lawn adds tranquility to the space. It enhances aesthetics, boosts air quality, and gives a cooling effect to your space, among other things. Schedule a thorough water feature cleaning at the beginning of the season. This will ensure the absence of leakage and the proper functioning of the water system. Prevent algae formation and keep the water clean and running to avoid mosquito infestation.

Add Vibrant Blooms and Foliage

Nothing compares to a garden full of lovely flowers that endure the summer heat. You can select from a large range of flowers that will bloom all summer long in your garden, depending on your climate zone. You can grow gaillardias, lantanas, verbenas, and petunias, to name a few. The bright foliage of Crotons, Caladiums, and Begonias can also enhance your balcony or garden. Plant more seasonals and perennials. Choose water-efficient plants. Use mulch and regular watering to keep the soil moist.

Go Bold With the Colors

Since summer is about color, the more vivid the hues, the better. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and color can come from a variety of sources. A few bright improvements may transform a drab backyard into a welcoming outdoor space. This is whether it involves furniture, garden art, paint, partitions, pots, tile, or, of course, landscaping. Decor items like string lights, hanging lanterns, trellises, and sculptures can also liven up the space. Sky’s the limit!LifeWall is a leading landscape firm that creates outdoor living for the next generation and transforms your outdoor areas. Whether installing your garden plan or maintaining the existing landscape, LifeWall is a one-stop solution to bring your outdoor dreams to reality. Call us at 09355932113 to book a visit, or click here to Get started.

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