10 Perks of a well-designed outdoor Space

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10 Perks of a well-designed outdoor Space

The concept of outdoor living has gained popularity post-pandemic and is trending. Outdoor living is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature and create a better quality of life. They can serve as home offices, recreation areas, utility spaces, and workout zones. Whether you have a sprawling front yard or an open terrace, an outdoor space can add value to your life. Here are 10 perks of a well-designed outdoor space to inspire your next renovation. 

1. Physical benefits

Whether you are tending to your landscape, doing yoga in your lawn, or simply playing with kids outside, adding outdoor living space to your home is the most effective way to increase daily physical activity.  Outdoor living space also allows you to enjoy your outdoor activities in comfort and safety. Spending time outside in the sun improves vitamin D levels and also benefits your skeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems.

2. Mental wellness 

Nature also calms the mind. Immersing ourselves in nature can also help us appreciate the beauty of the world around us, inspiring creativity and self-reflection. Spending time outdoors can provide a sense of peace and tranquility. It can help us to refocus our thoughts, reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, it can provide an opportunity to connect with others.

3. Environmental benefits

A well-designed landscape or garden can help the environment by minimizing noise pollution levels, improving air quality, and allowing for a cool breeze, resulting in an improved microclimate. Using native plants in your space attracts birds and other pollinators, promoting local biodiversity. Native plants also require less maintenance and water.

4. Increased property value

Having a well-designed outdoor space can boost your property’s worth by making it more attractive to potential buyers. Investing in an outdoor space is a smart decision that can benefit you in the long run. Invest in quality materials and products so that your outdoor space will remain beautiful and functional for many years to come. Landscaping can increase your property’s value by 20%.

5. Multi-functional spaces

Open spaces can be transformed into multifunctional spaces through clever landscaping designs to accommodate different activities. A well-planned space ensures maximum value. For example, a well-designed lawn can be an ideal spot to work out during the day and throw amazing parties at night. Isn’t it awesome?

6. Easy maintenance

A well-designed garden or landscape encourages you to relax outdoors more while spending less time on maintenance. Post handover, the landscape designer educates and provides a maintenance schedule including details of plants, water requirements, building material care, and overall seasonal care for your space.

7. Energy efficiency

Efficiently designed outdoors can conserve energy by using passive strategies for natural ventilation and daylight. In the summer, it provides shade to cool roofs, walls, and windows, and in the winter, it maximizes the sun’s warming effects. The designed landscape also directs stormwater runoff during rains, improves plot’s drainage, and helps with rainwater harvesting.

8. Connection with nature

People constantly search for ways to reconnect with nature, especially in cities. We crave sunsets, flowers, gardens, and trees. We enjoy the soothing sound of birds chirping and the gentle breeze rustling the leaves. This can be achieved by having a terrace garden, a patio, or even a lawn with plants and flowers. These small spaces of nature can create a sanctuary of peace and tranquility in our lives.

9. Improved social interactions

In our busy schedules, it is difficult to carve out quality time for our families and friends. Outdoor living spaces can provide an ideal environment for family meals, movie nights or simply hanging out on the weekend.They can be designed to be fun, cozy, and comfortable and can give a sense of relaxation. Outdoor living spaces can be a great way to bring people together and create lasting memories.

10. Improved longevity

One of the biggest benefits of an outdoor living space is more enjoyment. People who are happy and have fun live longer. Besides joy, outdoor living areas can boost our immune system, improve our physical and mental health, and enhance our relationships. So stop reading this and plan your renovation now!

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